New Healthy Menu Selection

  • Green Salad

    • $3.50
  • Mixed Vegetables

    • $10.95

    sauteed broccoli, snow peas, water chestnuts, mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, zucchini, bok choy and red pepper.

  • Vegetable Deluxe

    • $14.95

    Broccoli, zucchini, bok choy, celery, mushrooms, water chestnuts, carrots and red peppers.

  • Sauteed Vegetables

    • $8.25

    your choice of either sauteed snow peas, mushrooms, bean sprout, or baby corn in pint size.

  • Bok Choy or Broccoli

    • $9.25

    sauteed or steamed.

  • Chicken Delight

    • $13.25

    White breast of chicken with broccoli, bok choy, snow peas, red bell peppers and zucchini.

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