With only 70 dollars in his pocket

a high-school education and an unstoppable work-ethic, Allan Ng moved his family from Hong Kong to Miami. With scraped up funds and scrappy spirits he built a small Chinese takeout restaurant that grew to the seven Canton Chinese locations. His eldest son, Abe Ng followed in his entrepreneurial-footsteps and after college returned home to Miami to take the Ng family's next leap of faith: Opening the first-ever Sushi Maki. His goal? Make sushi the next big thing in Miami. Luckily sushi newbies and know-it-alls alike urged us to keep on rollin’ and we went from one sushi shop in South Miami to opening additional restaurants in Coral Gables, Palmetto Bay, Miami International Airport, Kendall, Whole Foods Market Stations and University Shops . And we’re not stopping there. We’re committed to bringing our delicious fishes, positive vibes and healthier lives to as many people that will listen!

With integrity, ingenuity and true passion for better eating and living,

Abe Ng was born to run restaurants. Today, Abe is the CEO of Miami-based Sushi Maki and Canton Chinese Restaurants. In this role, he oversees the strategic development and management of all 15 locations owned and operated under Sushi Maki and Canton brands. He is also a partner with Whole Foods Markets overseeing 10 Market Stations throughout the South Florida Region. His business experience began with Ernst & Young LLP in Miami, where he worked as a real estate and hospitality financial analyst after graduating from Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration. His extensive entrepreneurial efforts include the development of Sushi Maki and an earlier launch of Wrapido Restaurants in the Miami area. Through his varied business and restaurant operations background, Abe is commited to broadening the reach of Sushi Makis cuisine to new locations and audiences.

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